The Second Life of Frankenstein by Skinner 2/7/14

Here is The Frankenstein monster experiencing a vastly different fate than the one we know that ends in the book...I have decided to rewrite history in a bizarre amalgamation of the classic Frankenstein story and the Frankenstein from the japanese film, "Frankenstein conquers the world" In which the mopnster grows from a piece of Hitler's heart and continues to grow until he fights Baragon and

New Skinner Sketch Book Print!!! February 4th!

As promised fiends we are back with a new blog entry today! So as promised as well we are here to show you off the entire image of our newest print by kick-ass artist Skinner. Titled Frankenstein this is the latest print in our line of Sketchbook Heroes prints. This bad boy measure 16x20 and will be limited edition of only 100. All prints are signed and numbered by Skinner.

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